Private tutoring: success (almost) guaranteed

Mathematics is a weak point?

pinuts-2Many students at HAVO or VWO have problems with Mathematics: every student has strong and weak points. However, if Mathematics is not a student’s favorite, there is still the possibility to pass a Mathematics exam.

Transpiration and inspiration

Transpiration (work hard) can compensate for a lack of inspiration (talent), but sometimes it is too hard for a student to study Mathematics without assistance or explanation. A personal and comprehensible explanation by a personal tutor who actually explains the problems ensures the student to understand difficult mathematical subjects, to gain confidence in his own ability and to continue on his own.

Lagging behind

Some circumstances (e.g. illness), may cause students to get behind. It is often too difficult for them to compromise the backlog, especially when Mathematics is not their strongest point. Personal, focused assistance by a tutor who actually explains, will be of great help. Private tutoring can quickly bring the student back to the right level of knowledge.

Private tutoring leads to success

Students who had never imagined to be able to achieve the right level of Mathematics, notice that their knowledge is becoming better and better by private tutoring. Suddenly they notice that they do have a good chance to pass exams or tests.