Admission tests

Admission to university or college (HBO)

pinuts-2Students who do not have the required qualifications can do an admission test (also referred to as colloquium doctum) for University or HBO.
For example, students over 21 years old seeking admission to a University after a difficult detour of VMBO, MBO and HBO, can do an admission test Mathematics at the required level. This applies to virtually all programs of Erasmus University Rotterdam ( Economics, International Business Administration (IBA), Business, Psychology or Orthopedagogy). HBO has similar admission tests.
Most students find it difficult or even impossible to prepare for such test on their own and seek assistance. They find this by private tutoring at PiNUTS.

Admission to Erasmus University Rotterdam

This University has admission tests Mathematics for most programs at three levels. Social Sciences require level 1, Economics and Business programs require level 2 and Econometrics require level 3.