PiNUTS provides online individual tutoring in Mathematics, Statistics and GMAT. Online classroom tutoring is offered in a number of subjects.
The students can simply attend the online tutoring at home (anywhere in the world) via Zoom (screen sharing). As if they are sitting next to the tutor and they don’t lose travel time.
Tutoring is intended for students of VWO, HAVO, HBO or University

The tutor
Tutoring is done by a mathematician with a PhD. He has nearly 40 years of university teaching experience. Currently he lectures Mathematics and Statistics at the Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) program at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He also has many years of experience as a private tutor in mathematics and statistics.

Online private tutoring
All tutoring is intended for students of VWO, HAVO, HBO or University.
Private tutoring is also available to prospective students who wish to be admitted to a university’s undergraduate program and do not have the appropriate degrees. They can be admitted to a university if they pass an entrance examination or colloquium doctum. Private tutoring at PiNUTS offers the help they need.
There are students who have to follow a pre-master’s program in order to be admitted to a master’s program. They often want to refresh their math knowledge in order to pass the required GMAT test with a satisfactory score, but they often cannot prepare on their own. They benefit greatly from PiNUTS’s private tutoring.

Online classroom lessons
During the online classroom lessons, the teacher covers important topics. Although these lessons are not individual, they really help the student in understanding math. All interested students can register and they will have access to the relevant Zoom lesson on a specified date and time. It goes without saying that questions can also be put to the teacher during such a classroom lesson.