Whether you live in Belgium, Surinam, USA or Rotterdam, also you can get on-line private tutoring in mathematics or statistics by an experienced tutor through screen sharing! At the tutor’s home address remains possible.

Tutoring is online: you can stay at home while you get interactive tutoring using screen sharing as if you are sitting next to the tutor. An ideal solution for students who live far outside of Rotterdam! Nothing changes in the way of teaching, which is still old-fashioned.

pinuts-2PiNUTS provides tutoring in Mathematics, Statistics and GMAT. It is provided by a PhD mathematician. He has lectured Mathematics and Statistics at Universities for nearly 40 years. Currently he lectures Mathematics and Statistics at Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, he has many years of experience as a private tutor.
Private tutoring is for students HAVO and VWO and students HBO and University. Also for students who want to be admitted to a university’s bachelor program and do not have the right qualifications. They will be admitted to such a program if they pass an admission test (also known as colloquium doctum). Private tutoring by PiNUTS offers the support they need.
There are students who must follow a pre-master program in order to be admitted to a (pre-)master’s program. They often want to refresh their knowledge of Mathematics or Statistics in order to pass a GMAT test with a sufficiently high score. They benefit from PiNUTS’s private tutoring.