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Better results in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics again

pinuts-2For many students in Economics, Business Administration or IBA (International Business Administration), Mathematics in the first year of their study is not a pleasant prospect. For example, in Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam the first year of the Bachelor program, not less than 8 out of 60 credit points are for the courses Mathematics-1 and Mathematics-2. And then there will also be a large portion of Statistics. The IBA program have Mathematics and Statistics in the course Quantitative Methods & Techniques and also other Business Studies have a considerable subjects on Mathematics and Statistics.


Some students who took the lower level Mathematics A or C at VWO will study Pedagogy, Psychology or Sociology. They thought that they would never have to deal again with Mathematics or mathematical formulas. However, they find Statistics to be an important Bachelor course which appears to be bottleneck. Thick books full of tables and formulas. Many of these students are not able to cope with this and benefit from PiNUTS’ experienced tutoring.

The threat of BSA (Binding Study Advice)

The strict requirements of the Binding Study Advice (BSA) ensure that students cannot afford delays caused by Mathematics and Statistics. Most programs at Erasmus University Rotterdam demand that all credits are taken in the first Bachelor’s year (motto: Nominal = Normal).
This is not easy, mainly because Mathematics and/or Statistics in the first year constitute serious obstacles. Therefore, they seek assistance in these courses. This is a sensible decision, because mathematical knowledge is also of great importance to other courses (for example for microeconomics) and the chance of success for these courses increases when they have passed the Mathematics or Statistics exams.

Better exam results in the bachelor program

A short though powerful exam training in the preparation of the exams greatly enhances the chance of success in Mathematics or Statistics. The basics are repeated briefly and many, many exercises are practiced. It is not surprising that students not only pass their exams but even get unexpected high scores.