pinuts-2Private tutoring in Mathematics is provided to three categories of students. First there are students of HAVO or VWO (secondary school). They are only interested in private tutoring in Mathematics. Then there are students at HBO (college). Usually, these students are interested in statistics, but sometimes (e.g. in electrical engineering) Mathematics is an important part of the curriculum. University students (e.g. Economics or Business studies) may face difficult Mathematical subjects and need tutoring.


It seems that the level of Mathematics becomes higher year after year.
For many students this is a problem, especially for students for whom Mathematics is not their favorite subject. And then private tutoring is a solution. Not only to refresh old knowledge (often very necessary), but also to make a good start.
In particular, when preparing for the final exam, private tutoring is a solution.
A highly experienced teacher appears to do miracles, as the reviews of students show.


Students at HBO usually finished a HAVO or MBO program. Often, they have a lower level Mathematics (level A or C) background. If Statistics is an important course in the curriculum they lack the knowledge of Mathematics. These students cannot cope with mostly thick and difficult Statistics books with many formulas and tables and benefit the clear explanation by a skilled tutor.


University students experience that the requirements are increased year after year. It becomes increasingly difficult to pass the exams in Mathematics and/or Statistics. Students having trouble with Mathematics or Statistics sometimes need professional help such as private tutoring.
This approach appears to be successful. Tutoring not only refreshes old knowledge (often very necessary), but also provides a good start. A highly experienced tutor can do miracles, as the many student reactions show.