GMAT test impossible without Mathematics

pinuts-2Some Universities only allow students to access a MBA (Master of Business Administration) program after they have passed a GMAT test successfully with a sufficiently high test score. The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) also requires this. The GMAT test consists of four parts, of which only the verbal and quantitative components for admission to an RSM master’s program are important.
Students who wish to do such a GMAT test, often lack the (basic) mathematical knowledge. A reason for this could be that it has been a long time since they had Mathematics at HAVO, and this knowledge has gone down, or they come from MBO / HBO, and those programs usually provide little or no Mathematics. In both cases, they fail for these tests.
The solution is clear: mathematical knowledge must be brought to the right level so that they have a good chance of admission. Unfortunately, students are often unable to acquire the mathematical knowledge on their own and need private tutoring.

Adequate assistance

Private tutoring helps the student to acquire the right level of Mathematics. For example, a commonly prescribed book GMAT Quantitative Review (2nd edition or higher) may be used to get the required subjects. This book also contains assignments. Together with the tutor, assignments are practiced. Chances of a high test score increase significantly.

Private tutoring is efficient

For these students, private tutoring can be of great help. Literature at the right level is provided and, in a relatively short period of time, the student gets the required level.